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IIDA is such a great way to be part of our design community. There is nothing as refreshing as seeing how many passionate and committed individuals there are in our industry.

Rhiannon Roberson, Associate IIDA

A wide variety of people are involved in IIDA, and this provides professionals the opportunity to make new connections and foster existing ones.

Cara Smeltzer, Associate IIDA

I needed community. Keeping connected to other professionals has been very rewarding and I enjoy being with others that have the same passions.

Marcia Brake, Educator IIDA

IIDA RMC allows students the opportunity to connect and engage with industry professionals constantly, creating a brighter future for each individual that is a part of IIDA RMC.

Ashley James, Associate IIDA
  • Networking opportunities
  • Free and discounted tickets
  • Access to IIDA’s membership directory
  • Access to the IIDA Knowledge Center
  • Transportation to events
  • And a whole lot more…


Ashley James

I love being a part of IIDA because it is filled with kind people that have been a part of amazing projects.


    Katie Cavallo

    Why are you a member of IIDA?:
    It is my tribe! IIDA was the group I didn’t know existed and was so excited when I found the organization.

    What does interior design legislation mean to you?:
    Elevates our profession, creates a platform for designers to work to their fullest intent.

    What gets you the most excited about design?:
    I love that design can solve problems in ways people don’t always think about. Design unites and clarifies solutions and space.

    What project have you worked on that you are most proud of and why?:
    The Preacher’s Son restaurant in Bentonville, Arkansas. It was amazing, challenging and was nominated for a James Beard Award for design. It’s as beautiful of a space as the food is delicious!


    Paul Vanderheiden

    Why are you a member of IIDA?:
    I enjoy the opportunity to connect with new people in the industry and find encouragement from the personal relationships I have developed.

    What does being a designer mean to your life?:
    Design is an opportunity to facilitate positive changes in the lives of people. Personal fulfillment flows from this practice of helping others to create a space from which they can flourish and find their own success and fulfillment.

    What is your personal mantra?:
    Action cures fear.

    What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?:


    Tina Turner

    Why are you a member of IIDA?:
    I wanted to be more connected to our industry and to feel a sense of community with others who are passionate about the built community.

    Favorite IIDA event:
    Golf Tournament if the weather is nice….Or BEST, I love seeing all of the entrants.

    On a typical Saturday where can we find you?:
    During the day, spending time with my family, enjoying all Denver has to offer. Evenings usually bring friend time exploring a new bar or restaurant.

    • BEST Moment: An innovative or daring design feature Optiv - Staircase, IA Interior Architects

    • BEST Moment: An innovative or daring design feature Optiv - Staircase, IA Interior Architects

    • BEST Moment: An innovative or daring design feature Optiv - Staircase, IA Interior Architects