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Being a Colorado native, I attended CSU directly from high school. While I dabbled in different majors, I was very interested in Interior Design. I felt pressure being a male interior design major, while living in the dormitories, so decided to take a short break from college.  I re-enrolled within the year, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I remember my sister, Peg, was shocked that I was getting a business degree instead of something more creative.

After college, I moved to Atlanta to help open a start-up company. After that company folded, I had a few different accounting positions, which led me to a wonderful, small publishing company, of commercial real estate guides. I became the VP, and while I enjoyed my position and great staff, I longed to move back to my home state of Colorado. While at the publishing company I still wanted to someday return to design, so I enrolled in night classes, for interior design,  at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

After 7 years in Atlanta, my Victorian house in Denver had become a shambles. Renters had all but destroyed the 130 year old house. I discovered this while visiting Denver to get the ready for the next tenants. I could not leave the house in the state it was in. Within a few months, I moved back to Denver, and began restoring my home to it’s original beautiful state. At the same time, I returned back to school full-time.  My plan was to finish my second bachelors in design.  But then a friend asked, why I didn’t instead get a masters in architecture. I looked into the possibility, and soon enrolled at CU Denver School of Architecture. I finished the program and after a, circuitous route, made it to the design industry. Dick Combs hired me to come to work at, Sink Combs Dethlefs, where I stayed for ten years. In 2015 I obtained my architectural license, and joined the creative team of IA, Interior Architects, in Denver.

Why IIDA? 
Networking – There are so many interesting people out there!
Strong presence in the design community.
Enjoy attending events, for knowledge, socializing, and community service.
Appreciate the opportunity to help create events.
Keeping up with industry trends and continuing education.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up? 
When I was a kid I loved building with Legos. My younger sister, Martha, would plead with me to help her set up her Barbie’s house. We both knew we’d have fun together, until my Dad would catch me.  I would explain, I wasn’t playing with the Barbie’s, but designing the Barbie space. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up,  but I knew it would be something creative. I love being an architect. For me, it is a good balance between left and right brain. Designing, detailing, problem solving, and being a master liaison of information. I particularly enjoy one on one time with clients.

What is your favorite design element? 
I enjoying detailing stairs. It is like a puzzle, making the pieces come together in one cohesive piece.

Do you have a current obsession? 
Jigsaw puzzles on a Sunday afternoon, in our family cabin

Which super power would you like to have? 
The ability to control time.  I could spend less time on tasks I need to complete.  Speed up time to minimize time stuck in traffic. Have enough time to travel around the world and experience it all!  Slow down time, when I am sharing life with close friends and loved ones.

What are you looking forward to this year? 
Being active in the industry to promote the profession of interior design and architecture. And have fun doing it!

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