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Tatyana Lemon, Associate IIDA

I grew up in the Krasnodar Region of the big country of Russia in a small, but very close family. My parents built our house themselves and they were into home remodeling projects all the time, so I grew up helping them and being exposed to design. Looking back I could clearly see how their education, forward thinking, and progressive attitude really influenced my direction in becoming a designer and I am so grateful for that. After graduating from Colorado State University with an Interior Design degree I went to work at Boulder Associates Architects and quickly realized how fulfilling it is to design for healthcare and senior living. It is a truly meaningful and fulfilling job to work with a team of passionate people to design healing environments for patients, their families and staff.

I became an IIDA member years ago once I knew that commercial interior design was what I wanted to pursue.  IIDA has such a strong presence in a design community, nationally and internationally. I have always enjoyed the events that IIDA organizes. Rocky Mountain chapter has been a strong part of our Colorado design community, just look at how popular Pret-A-Porte has become and how strong the IIDA BESTawards is. It’s a wonderful networking and knowledge-exchange organization that reminds us why we love what we do!

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I dreamt of being a Fashion Designer when I grew up! I was so emerged into fashion and was trying to come up with new and interesting styles of clothes. I was obsessed with drawing fashions to the point where I was doing it secretly by drawing it when I supposed to be doing my homework, my parents caught me so many times and they still tease me about it.

What is your favorite design element?
Anything made out of wood. So many elements in design go in and out of style, but wood is timeless in my mind. It is a natural, organic, warm, and beautiful material. You can use it as ceiling or wall or flooring material, as well as furniture and accessories. It’s just stunning, I never get tired of it!

Do you have a current obsession?
Vegan food and healthy living, learning to be self-aware and balanced.  Also, I am into board games lately, playing with family and friends at every opportunity. Such a great brain exercise and bonding experience!

Which super power would you like to have?
Oh, I’ve always loved and respected nature and it saddens me to see when nature gets trashed, so I want to have a super power to be able to clean all of the air, oceans, rivers, and land from all the pollution, trash and contamination with just one stroke of a hand and “voila” it is all clean now!

What are you looking forward to this year?
Innovation, growth, and progression; learning new and transforming into something more then I was a year ago. Looking forward to the Patient-Centered Design Innovation Summit and to be merged into product innovation processes. There is so much innovation going on and clients are hungry for it, I feel like it is an amazing time to be a designer!

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