IIDA RMC Board Members

2016-2017 IIDA RMC Board Members


Rene Stremel,  IIDA




Likes: Playing volleyball and softball, salt and vinegar chips, revitalizing old furniture, painting, my dog Louie, the outdoors, laughter

Dislikes: Hypocrsy, wind, highway motorcyclists

Fun Facts: Grew up on a farm driving tractors and working cattle



Kacy Jones, IIDA

President Elect

Herman Miller


Likes:  Biking, Growing a garden, Baking, Snowboarding, Golfing, playing with my two adorable pups

Dislikes: Stressful TV shows, country music, cats, store bought guacamole

Fun Facts: I lacerated my liver Junior year of college riding my BMX bike, that bike now resides on the wall in my living room.



Lisa Blackman, IIDA, AIA Assoc., LEED AP BD+C

Past President



Likes: shoes, wine, traveling, and design

Dislikes: alarms of any kind, complacency, and negativity

Fun Facts: I spent four grueling years earning a Master of Architecture knowing the entire time my passion was interior design.


Tina Turner, Industry IIDA

V.P. of Professional Development



Likes: My family, wine, traveling, Beautiful Spaces, Good books, Group Exercise class, Any challenge

Dislikes: Sweet Potatoes, Humidity, Turbulence, Mini-Vans, Incorrect usage of Reply All on e-mail

Fun Facts: Steve Walters is my business partner and husband- we have run 2 half-marathons together, have 2 amazing daughters and 2 dogs.  We like things in pairs!


Lindsey Salazar, IIDA

V.P. of Communications



Likes:  Asymmetry, Crown Fountain in Chicago, Laughter, Motown Music, and Numbers

Dislikes: Circles, Emojis, Mosquitos, Poor Grammar, and Wood Popsicle Sticks

Fun Facts: I’ve been to all 50 states, I have [very slowly] run a marathon, and my name comes from a combination of my mom’s and dad’s names.


Kelsey Myron-Karels,  NCIDQ,EDAC IIDA

VP of Student Affairs 

hord | coplan | macht


Likes:  Long walks with the dogs, front-porch sitting, strong cocktails, and anything involving bread, potatoes, or cheese!  OMG CHEESE!

Dislikes:  Apathy, willful ignorance, traffic, mosquitos

Fun Facts:   I went to college (the first time) for dance and art history, but currently practice neither.






VP of Sponsorship

Likes: Cheese! 90’s music, sarcasm, and Oxford Commas.

Dislikes: Spanish Rose, low batteries, and Scrubs

Fun Facts: I hired an interior designer for my home because when you break your leg you go to an Orthopedist and not a Neurologist.



IIDA Rocky Mountain Chapter - Board - 2013


Bob Hobson,  Industry IIDA

VP of Membership



Likes:  My furry four legged children, collecting art deco, flea markets & antique shows, dinner with friends, electronic dance music, working out.

Dislikes:  Impatient people (including myself sometimes!), really cold weather, bad drivers.

Fun Facts:  I spent 3 years in Puerto Rico in middle school (father was in the military), swam in the Junior Olympics when I was 13



VP of Advocacy



Likes: TED Talks, kombucha, horror movies, classic cars

Dislikes: Cold weather, moths, disorganization

Fun Facts: My first job was teaching swimming lessons to kids.



Tony Deagan, AIA, IIDA

Director of Events

IA Interior Architects


Likes: Jigsaw puzzles on a Sunday afternoon, in our family cabin,Miniature schnauzers and cats, Gardening, Socializing

Dislikes: Coconut, traffic

Fun Facts: I enjoy going to Opera and it has motivated me to take signing lessons

Shannon White Headshot

Shannon White, Associate IIDA

V.P. of City Centers



Likes: pigs, pugs, animal rights, a smile from a stranger, a hug from one of my three sons, the mountains, laughing at myself, my husbands smile, gardening, ballet, running and putting Legos together with my boys.

Dislikes: a dirty house, parking downtown, people who are too serious

Fun Facts: I ride dirt bikes, used to own pet turtles, have a tattoo that has been redesigned three times, have three boys under 6, I used to twirl a baton and played the viola.



Alicen Dunbar,  IIDA

Denver City Center Co-Director

DLR Group


Likes: WI Cheese Curds, My Golden Retriever-Aspen,  Family Reunions, Sleeping in the Car, WI Badgers, Watching Movies, Hiking

Dislikes: Peanut butter, Earwigs, Drivers Not Using Their Blinkers, Crowded Malls

Fun Facts: I climbed the Great Wall of China, swam in the Great Barrier Reef, and kissed the Blarney Stone.




Laura Powers,  Industry IIDA

Denver City Center Co-Director



Likes:  My Boston Terriers Louie & Charlotte, Glamping, Exotic Foreign Accents, Lake Tahoe, Staying up late, The sound of a running vacuum, No agenda for a day with loved ones, The CSU Rams

Dislikes: Black olives, Packing a suitcase, Sci-Fi ANYTHING, Rain on suede shoes

Fun Facts:  My husband, who I’ve been with for 12 years, has turned me into a total Broncos SUPERFAN.  Growing up in Wisconsin, I only applied to colleges in Colorado when I had never even visited the state. That was in 1993 and I’ve been in love with CO ever since!


Ryan Gambrell Headshot

Ryan Gambrell,  Industry IIDA

Northern Colorado City Center Co-Director (NOCO)

J+J Flooring Group

Likes: Thai Food, discovering new bands, whiskey, mid-century modern furniture and a lazy Sunday with friends and family.

Dislikes: Traffic, a poorly cooked steak, and slow internet.

Fun Facts: I spent a large portion of my 20s performing and recording music.



Marcia Brake, AP BD+C, IIDA

Northern Colorado City Center Co-Director (NOCO)

Brake Designs, LLC.


Likes: Cooking, Traveling, Time with my boys, Health Podcasts, Being in the Mountains

Dislikes: Going down hill, Humidity, Rides That Spin, Water-chestnuts

Fun Facts: I’m a third Generation Coloradoan but have never been skiing. I love cheese horror films especially from the 80s.


IIDA Rocky Mountain Chapter - Board - 2013

Heather Wallsten, Associate IIDA

Southern Colorado City Center Co-Director (SOCO)

RTA Architects


Likes:  Camping in the mountains, traveling, cooking, roller coasters, sipping on a cup of hot chocolate by the fire when the temperature is cold, drinking an iced tea in a hammock when the temperature is hot, and  cuddling with my two doodles

Dislikes:  Rooms without art and color, traffic, cloudy days, washing dishes, and getting hair all over my clothes from cuddling with my two doodles.

Fun Facts:  I was born and raised in Colorado Springs and I can’t imagine calling any other place home.

Emily Jones_BW FOR IIDA


Emily Jones, Associate IIDA

Southern Colorado City Center Co-Director (SOCO)

Workplace Resource


Likes:  Floral arrangement, coffee, a good breakfast, musicals, singing Jazz, horseback riding, swing dancing, car dancing, surfing, new adventures, learning about myself, bright colors and light spaces

Dislikes:  Getting up before the sun, people reading over my shoulder, creepy-crawlies, closed-minded people, manipulation, alarm clocks

Fun Facts:  I was almost run over by a kangaroo when I lived in Australia. I love designing spaces that feel like “home.”

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